Braiding Machines
Norlynn's capabilities in braiding rope and cord are vast. You can be assured that, along with the many types of products that we manufacture, the quality of our products will always come first. We braid on new, top quality Herzog braiding machines. Herzog is the world's leading manufacturer of braiding equipment and has been in business since 1861.

Our machinery is the life blood of our company and great care is taken to maintain our equipment, which keeps the quality of our products high. We have had our New England Butt braiding machines for many years, and because they have been immaculately cared for and maintained, they run as well as any of the new machines that we have here at Norlynn.

Knitting Machines
We also have a selection of Lamb Knitting Machines that produce fine cordage. These fast moving machines create a high quality product very quickly for a number of different applications, such as a variety of drapery and window blind products.

Other Machinery
Norlynn has a great number of machines for many different applications. They all play a role in meeting the needs of our valued customers. From cutting machines for custom length of cut cords and ropes, to sewing and grommeting machines, we offer a great many services to our customers.

Contact Norlynn Textiles anytime to see if we can meet your particular needs. We are always eager to build new business relationships and will make it our priority to provide excellent service with quality products at a fair price.