polyester rope
Polyester Diamond Braid

Our polyester diamond braid ropes are made with 100% polyester and are available in white, black, blue, green and red. Polyester retains most of its properties when wet, and does not stretch a great deal when under tension. It is well suited for use in the awning industry, flags, pull cords, laundry bags etc.

Product Name Diameter Colour Tensile* Strength Length
PD35 1/16" white 450 lbs 1000m
PD355 3/32" white 590 lbs 1000-500m
PD40 1/8" white 700 lbs 700-305m
PD40B 1/8" Black 700 lbs 700-305m
PD45 9/64" white 950 lbs 1000-305m
PD50 5/32" white 1150 lbs 305m
PD60 3/16" white 1400 lbs 500-305m

*Please note that the tensile strengths mentioned above are theoretical in nature and should not be used to determine safe working loads.