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Materials We Use
Norlynn Textiles manufactures rope and cordage out of a number of different materials. These include nylon, polyester, polypropylene, spectra, cotton, viscose, Retro Glo and others. Contact us with any additional requests.

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Different Braids
We can manufacture cord and rope in a number of different ways. These include braiding hollow braids, diamond braids, double braids, kernmantle ropes and others.

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Manila Rope
Norlynn Textiles offers a wide selection of manila ropes right from the Philippines. We sell by the foot or by the reel, and offer splicing services for any of your needs. In addition to the sizes listed above, we carry almost any size you could need. Contact us for a price.

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What Can We Do For You?
Norlynn Textiles offers many different services. We braid and knit rope and cord. We custom roll our spools to meet our customers' needs. We can cut and package cord into pieces in bags, or folded with elastic bands. We also cut, sew and grommet webbing. Contact us and let us know what we can do for you.